Stayfree Dry Max All Night - Ultra Thin Sanitary Pad (7 pcs)

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Getting a peaceful and comfortable sleep during your periods can seem impossible at times. Making sure that your movements at night do not create any leaks or stains can become too taxing during the times you actually need a good night’s sleep to soothe and relax your bodily discomforts. You can overcome these tensions and worries as Stayfree brings to you their Dry Max All Night - Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads. You will get the maximum leak protection with these pads as they come with a unique Night Guard zone that has anti-leak channels that will help in blocking leaks from all sides. Despite the ways you toss and turn, the Stayfree Dry Max All Night will make sure that leaks from the sides and the back and the front are all blocked.You will be able to sleep undisturbed as the superior protection provided by these Ultra-thin Sanitary Pads from Stayfree are enhanced with a cottony softness that will give you ample comfort all through the night. The gel based anti-lock core of these Stayfree Sanitary Pads will lock in the fluid and keep you dry for longer durations. The odor control system in these sanitary pads will keep you smelling fresh and clean and hence you will feel more confident in being around people. The soft fragrance that is incorporated into these disposable Stayfree Dry Max All Night – Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads will leave a fresh scent. The wings on these Sanitary Pads from Stayfreewill keep the pads in its place on your panty and it will also prevent the sides from lifting that can cause side leaks. Make sure you are equipped with these absolutely comfortable Stayfree Dry Max All Night Pads and free yourself of unnecessary worries during your periods.