Johnson's Baby Shampoo's No More Tears (100 ml)

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As gentle to the eyes as pure water

Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo clinically proven to be gentle and mild, this is a safe baby shampoo for your baby.

  • Leaves your baby’s hair smelling fresh and looking shiny 
  • NO MORE TEARS® formula is gentle for newborns 
  • Soap-free, dermatologist-tested and clinically proven hypoallergenic Paraben-free and 100% soap free. Enriched with soft moisturizing ingredients to leave baby's hair soft 
  • Triple Baby Protection 

We love babies. 

And we understand baby's eyes are very delicate and need special care hence this safe shampoo for babies. Improved JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo's NO MORE TEARS® formula gently cleanses while helping prevent irritation, redness and stinging to the eyes. JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo is the safest baby shampoo. 

Mums trust JOHNSON'S® Always Mild, Gentle and Effective. 

Available in: 475 ml Pump pack 200 ml 100 ml 60 ml